A Macro recorder for Windows!
KeyMacro can monitor all of your keyboard and mouse actions. When you are recording, KeyMacro provides instant recording and playback of all keystrokes and mouse clicks.
KeyMacro allows you to view and playback any recorded event.
You can create “macros” for different purposes like recording and playing back some text.
KeyMacro includes an easy to use Macro editor.
View the latest KeyMacro activity.
You can view and edit the recorded events.
You can search for any activity, including the time spent on it, the name of the application that opened the window, the name of the file opened and more.
You can manage and save your KeyMacro sessions.
You can export your activity to the clipboard.
KeyMacro can monitor your computer even if it is running in the background.
KeyMacro allows you to display a message dialog with a keystroke or mouse click.
KeyMacro also allows you to automatically navigate to the current active document using keystrokes.
KeyMacro can display the mouse cursor and an indicator on the active window, so you can easily see if you are performing a new action or are already in the middle of an action.
KeyMacro is available for purchase in the Add-ons section.
KeyMacro provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and an unconditional 30-day support and update service.
KeyMacro Pro Features:
Full screen recording.
Displays mouse pointer, window title and active document information.
Clipboard monitoring.
Displays history of the last events recorded.
Exports recorded events to the clipboard.
Views the clipboard history.
Adds an indicator to the current active window.
“Buttons” icon to quickly launch any activity.
You can control the frequency with which KeyMacro monitors your activities.
Export recorded events to the clipboard.
KeyMacro Pro can monitor your computer even if it is running in the background.
KeyMacro Pro provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and an unconditional 30-day support and update service.

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The moon sign represents the day of your birth as a lunar sign of Gemini. Gemini sign of the zodiac is particularly well known for its mental abilities and its inventiveness. It’s also famous for the lovers of metaphysics and philosophy. Sometimes known as the twins, the zodiac sign of Gemini people are famous for being practical, ingenious and audacious.
At the same time it is also known for its idiosyncratic qualities. Those qualities can easily drive people crazy. There’s always someone around who knows the better. A lot of people do not know that some people seem to have a series of problems with their partners, with their work, with their friendships and with their health.
Zodiac Moon Sign:
You can’t escape from this small stone. But it’s also a good thing for you. The keymacro for the zodiac moon sign of Gemini is the key for life. Nothing is more important than it. It’s a key to the world of ideas and knowledge. A key that can open the doors to other people’s lives and give us the strength to solve problems.
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Gemini sign of the zodiac is not much concerned with the material life. It’s people who are obsessed with the materialism. Gemini people are considered to be pragmatic. They are intelligent and ingenious. Gemini signs can work as well as you can, you can even have people who admire you.
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The sign of Gemini is not easy to get. Usually we need to wait until we’re born. After that, we’re accustomed to it. Gemini sign of the zodiac rules the sign of Gemini. The Gemini sign represents a combination of the sign of Taurus and the sign of Cancer.
Zodiac Moon Sign:
Cancer people have a lot of love and compassion. They understand other people’s problems. They want to take care of others. They are capable of taking care of their family, their home and their friends. Cancer people do not let anything come between them and their loved ones. It is the Moon sign of Cancer.
Zodiac Moon Sign:
The Gemini sign of the zodiac rules the sign of Cancer. The Cancer Moon sign represents understanding, compassion and security. It is the first of the six signs of the zodiac to reach the solar constellation of Cancer.
Moon Sign Gemini:
We have a lot of problems with our body. They’re largely connected with our feelings. Gemini sign of the zodiac is always in touch