MiniCADS is a very handy tool for anyone that just needs to view the results of the CAD or 3D applications. MiniCADS works very similar to other viewers, like Autocad or SketchUp. You can simply drag-and-drop a file in to the viewer and start editing. But there are a few tools included that allow you to easily zoom in and out, rotate, annotate and draw, export as an image or PDF file.
• Support various file formats (MVG, DWG, DXF, etc.)
• Manage several drawings at once
• New feature: The ‘Free’ tool to explore the file in a very handy way
• Save the output as image and PDF file.

Office Document Viewer is a tool for viewing documents in the environment and in Microsoft Office documents.
Office Document Viewer is an add-in for the 2.x environment, and a standalone application for the 1.x environment. It can be used as a document viewer or a document converter. It has a special feature to convert complex document to its own format and to other popular formats like.PDF, PostScript and EPS, and can load document into other software such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

This is the the process of converting existing mspg and psd files to a8 format using psp and psnag
These are the converted images in an a8 format using psp and psnag
If you are using windows this is the easiest and best way to convert any image to A8 format

Convert more PDF to JPG and JEPG file
For JPG image file saving without quality loss, converting PDF to JEPG may be a best choice. It allows you to apply several quality presets (Basic, Good, Normal and Best), and to tweak various settings (Width, Height, Resolution, etc). And it supports converting and saving of several files in parallel. It also offers a batch converting function which can convert multiple PDF files at once.

E-mail Guard Pro is a powerful and easy-to-use program which helps you to control or manage your email. It also controls your spam and can filter/block spam before it reaches your mail client.
All you have to do is enter the address you want to filter and from then on your mail client will notify you whenever a spam email is eea19f52d2

– trimheads: Organizes the trimsheds around the pipeline on the bottom and top plates of your fire sprinkler system. This command will run automatically at the beginning and end of each trimshed. It also runs when you load the files into the CAD program.
– pipeline: Scans the trimsheds and automatically draws out the pipeline for you. You can view the pipeline in the CAD program for final review before you render it in your CAD program.
– exportSHC: Export your fire sprinkler system to an SHC file.
– importSHC: Import your fire sprinkler system from an SHC file.
– fpoptions: Generates and uploads a template that allows you to more easily customize your fire sprinkler system. Then, you can import your modified fire sprinkler system.

Additional Resources:

Igneus Incorporated


The Igneus Utilities are a free and open source collection of CAD utilities that have been designed to aid automatic sprinkler system designers.
Igneus, Inc.
These utilities are free and open source for the following reasons:

The Igneus Utilities are created by individuals, who do not need to seek compensation.
These utilities are designed to be used by any individual, who has a need to create a fire sprinkler system.
Any individual, who contributes to the development of these utilities, will be allowed to use their code.
The utilities were designed to be implemented in an open source environment.

Igneus utilities are provided to the community with the belief that it will be implemented into the industry standard CAD programs, such as AutoCad and Intellicad, to be used by any individual who needs to create a fire sprinkler system.
AutoLisp CAD Utilities
The utilities are licensed under the Mozilla Public License.
The code is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Lattice Modularity System
The CAD utilities are licensed under the Lattice Modularity System. The Lattice Modularity System is distributed with:


AutoLisp is the language that the Igneus Utilities are written in.
The Lattice Modularity System is distributed as a set of modules. The LMS is free for the CAD utilities