– Filter: A custom filter for FilterHub that is intended for use with MAC keyboards.
– Portrait: Focuses on facial features and creates a natural, sharper look.
– Landscape: More natural looking with less sharpening.
– Miniature: More natural looking with less sharpening and less contrast.
– Averaging: Simplifies an image by averaging out variations in color and contrast.
– Vivid: Enhances details and reduces the number of salt-and-pepper-like pixels.
– Sharpening: Improves the sharpness of the image.
– Miniature Vivid: Applies the Miniature Vivid filter, then the Sharpening filter.
– Portrait Sharpening: Applies the Portrait Sharpening filter.
– Landscape Sharpening: Applies the Landscape Sharpening filter.
– Miniature Sharpening: Applies the Miniature Sharpening filter.
– Averaging: Averaging the image by averaging out the variations in color and contrast.
– Vivid: A simple colorization filter for use with black and white photos.
– Straighten: Corrects the orientation of the photo.
– Channel Mixer: Mixes colors in a specific channel.
– Portrait: Adjusts the colors in the L channel.
– Landscape: Adjusts the colors in the a and b channels.
– Vintage: A flavor filter for use with photos.
– All Layers: Works with all layers.
– Not Adjustable: Doesn’t adjust the levels or gamma of any of the layers in the image.
– Adjustable: Adjusts the levels or gamma of the image layers.
– All Layers: Works with all layers.
– Non Adjustable: Doesn’t adjust the levels or gamma of any of the layers in the image.
– Adjustable: Adjusts the levels or gamma of the image layers.
– Tones: Changes the look of a photo and adjusts the color saturation.
– Gaussian Blur: Applies a blurring filter.
– Noise: Applies a noise filter to the image.
– Channel Mixer: Mixes colors in a specific channel.
– Soft Light: Applies a slight vignette to the image.
– Vignette: Applies a vignette, or dark band, to the image.
– Negative: Creates a black-and- 384a16bd22

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• Freeware.
• Runs on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.
• Can be launched from a shortcut on your desktop.
• Supports paste of images and text.
• Attached images are displayed automatically.
• Typing is completely optional.
• Open Internet links.
• Image-to-image, image-to-image links.
• Usernames and usernames can be assigned by default.
• Supports the IMAP4 and XOAUTH2 protocols.
• Supports the Pushme and Pullme operations.
• Supports a predefined, a user-customizable, and a file-based entry list.
• Supports a separate user ID per entry.
• Supports a delimited ID list (i.e. x:y:z) to assign a value to more than one item.
• Supports multiple image imports.
• Supports exported text lists.
• Supports batch imports.
• Supports the Async operations.
• Supports filter lists.
• Supports a global filter list.
• Supports public and private message groups.
• Supports the Throttle, Listen, and Listen-Queue operations.
• Supports a scheduler (See description on the shortcut file).
• Supports the Autoclose and Autoclose-X operations.
• Supports the CLIOS-Operation, CLOUD-Operation, and CLOUD-History-Operation operations.
• Supports the Clear and Clear-X operations.
• Supports a Max-Recent-Items and Max-Recent-Items-Per-Group settings.
• Supports a Max-Recent-Items-Per-Entry setting.
• Supports the Change-Password, Change-Passwords, and Change-Usernames operations.
• Supports the Unsubscribe and Unsubscribe-X operations.
• Supports a default status indicator.
• Supports Auto-Reply.
• Supports a mail-notification-daemon.
• Supports the Email and Bcc operations.
• Supports the Change-Owner operation.
• Supports the Change-Location operation.
• Supports the Send-Urgency operation.
• Supports the Change-Priority operation.
• Supports the Change-Hash operation.
• Supports the Change-Blocklist operation.
• Supports the Change-Sender operation.
• Supports the Change-Alias operation.
• Supports the Change-Source operation.
• Supports the Auto-Reply-Operation, Auto


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