– Saves macros in.bat and.cmd files in a simple and convenient way.
– The macro recorder has two recording modes: a “record and stop” and a “record continuously” mode.
– You can easily edit the recorded macros in any text editor and save them.
– The program has two types of macros. One is used to start the task, the other is used to stop the task.
– One can set macro variables. For instance, the date and the time.
– You can save macros with different name, and you can make a list of macros.
– You can easily define variables to keep the settings of the macros.
– You can define macros in the batch files.
– The macros are compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.
– The saved macros can be called from the start menu.
– You can restore the macros with the original settings in case you want to undo what you did with them.
– The macros in.bat files can be called from the Start menu.
– You can record one macro and then stop and record it continuously.
– You can download this software in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Turkish languages.

Hangman Free Antivirus is a new-generation antivirus software that can guarantee instant and efficient protection against threats. It has also added a number of functions that can help users to cope with all kinds of threats effectively and swiftly.
Offers online real-time virus scanning and protection
Hangman Free Antivirus is based on cloud technology, and this makes it possible for users to use the application at any time and place, regardless of location. This provides users with a convenient, fast and effective protection against viruses.
Real-time virus scanning
The new-generation antivirus software provides real-time anti-virus scanning, which means it quickly identifies and blocks threats as they appear. Users can launch the anti-virus function any time, even when no virus is detected. Meanwhile, the program is able to check the health of their computer, which helps users to focus on their work, rather than spending a lot of time doing routine tasks.
Online virus removal
Hangman Free Antivirus is able to remove viruses online, while maintaining a low system impact. This not only ensures the convenience of users, but also helps users quickly identify viruses, remove them and avoid potential issues.
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Keymacro is a powerful utility that will help you transfer data to and from external USB hard drives on your PC or Mac. With Keymacro you can transfer data from a USB drive without opening it and without leaving your computer.
Keymacro is used for transferring large files from external drives to your computer, for copying and pasting information from USB drives or for creating bootable media.
Keymacro supports all popular USB drives such as Hard Disk Drives, USB flash drives, portable hard drives and even Pocket PC hard drives. To enable you to use the media from an external drive, you will need to first install an appropriate driver for it.
Keymacro will help you create a bootable USB drive, even if your computer does not support booting from USB drives.
More Info:
Drag and drop.
Auto start on plugging the drive to the USB port.
Double click on the drive to open it.
Automatically detecting and detecting drives.
Detecting different external drives.
Easy, intuitive interface.
Supports all popular USB drives.
Creating bootable media.
Allows data to be copied on a USB drive and to be quickly transferred from it to your computer.
Allows you to access a USB drive in an easy and convenient way.
Allows you to delete files that are no longer needed on a USB drive and to create multiple folders with no limitations.
Uses a built-in driver that will help you detect the USB drive.
Automatically starts when you plug a drive into your computer.
Automatically opens the file explorer when you plug in a drive.
Drag and drop support.
Automatically unmounts when the drive is removed from your computer.
The software displays a message when a transfer is in progress and when the transfer is completed.
Allows you to open an archive file.
Allows you to open many files simultaneously without any difficulties.
Allows you to delete files on the computer when the drive is removed.
Allows you to send multiple files and folders to your USB drive in a single action.
Allows you to quickly copy files to your USB drive.
Allows you to easily access the files on your USB drive when you plug the device to your computer.
Allows you to choose a folder from your computer where you want to store the files.
Allows you to select the files that you want to copy to your USB drive.
Allows you to drag and drop multiple files or folders