The KEYMACRO system is a keypad system that allows the user to enter a number/characters in the correct order and type to generate the encryption key for the application.

Do you need to record your medical marijuana grow’s? Our WPF application does it for you.
Record all aspects of your grow.
Select what data you want stored.
View your grow data at any time.
Record any information you want.
Enforce password protection to keep your data private.
Works with SQLServer, MySQL, SQLite and Microsoft Access Databases.
KeyMACRO Description:
The KEYMACRO system is a keypad system that allows the user to enter a number/characters in the correct order and type to generate the encryption key for the application.

This simple WPF application is designed for educational purposes, based on the organic engineering principles.

Here are your lessons:

0. How to calculate the number of cells in a cross-section of a stalk

How to determine the number of ovules in a pistil

1. The Right Stem Should Be Cut when Starting a New Stalk

How to determine the angle of a growth plate

2. Determine Whether to Suck or Push the Stalk

How to mark the placenta

3. How to select a healthy plant

How to measure root diameter

4. Examine the plant for defects

How to determine the dry weight of a seed

5. Is this Seed a Blackberry?

How to determine if a stem is hollow

6. Is the Plant Healthy?

How to measure the plant height and width

This is a very simple but powerful WPF application that illustrates all steps required to perform an organic marijuana grow. This is a start-from-scratch project that you can easily modify to create your own grow tutorial. Just be aware that this tutorial is a very rough example of how to go about organic growing, you may need to modify or add to the application to suit your needs.
You will need to build and install the application to run it, or you can simply access the source files from:

I’m starting a new series of videos on Youtube and this one is all about growing Organic Marijuana. I’m going to be covering pretty much everything that you need to know in order to grow a Cannabis Plant in an Organic way. Most of the videos will be around 15- d82f892c90

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The Key Macro lets you instantly activate other widgets. For example, you can double click the mouse button to activate the Widget and double click it again to close the Widget.
For more detailed information, please refer to the help section.

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